Why “Alanya in Style”?

Why “Alanya in Style”?

  • Alanya in Style blog will not be the exact copy of my Polish blog about Turkey. From the very beginning the idea behind creating it was completely different.
  • Besides my personal articles about life and work in Turkey I would like to create a place full of interesting tips, recommendations and information: for tourists coming to Alanya for holiday, and also for expats living here. About nice quality places, restaurants, events, festivals and so on. About people living here doing inspiring things.
  • During my 12 years of living in Alanya I can see how much this city is been changing and developing.┬áThere are interesting initiatives and communities. Internet obviously helps with that.
  • The city I loved became more and more unique place on the map of Turkey. Full of tolerance and cultural diversity. Full of Turks but also many expats from all around the world living here together.
  • It has become completely different place than that small holiday town, where I came to one hot afternoon in June 2005.

So now do you understand why I named this blog “Alanya in Style”, right?

If you agree with me I am looking forward to hearing from you. If you:
  • have ideas for a new article or interview,
  • know interesting person living here,
  • would like to promote your business.
  • or maybe just you would like to help me in creating new useful website.

Agata | hello@alanyainstyle.com

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